Personal Stories and the Dilemma of Being an Introvert

To tell, or not to tell

Shabaira Junaid
2 min readSep 12, 2022
a lovely, young woman hiding her face in the blanket
Image by teksomolika on Freepik

Personal stories intrigue me. I love how a well-written story manages to stir up emotions and feelings inside its readers. It helps you experience what the writer felt in the first place.

It encourages you to write a personal narrative of your own, even if you’re an introvert. You’ll feel motivated to the extent that you’re willing to share personal experiences with the world — that’s the easy part.

The not-so-easy part is when you sit down to write. The realisation you’re going to open up is scary and unsettling. You begin to wonder whether it is a good idea.

At this point, you can either face the fear of judgement and try to overcome it, or you could let it overpower you and stop you from achieving your goal.

Like anyone else, I too have experiences to share, which would make for a unique and compelling personal story. And I hope I’ll be able to overcome my introversion and shyness and write more about them.

If you’re also an introvert, I'd love to know how you’ve managed your introversion and didn’t let it become a hindrance in your quest for writing personal narratives.

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