My Daughter Has Started Noticing the Hypocrisy of Our Society

And she’s finding it extremely hard to digest the harsh realities of life

Shabaira Junaid
1 min readJun 1, 2022


Photo by Heiner:

What happens when we teach our kids to see things in black and white? When we tell them what is right and wrong from a young age.

Do we even think about how they’ll react when they see the absurdities and the contradictions?

My daughter’s fifteen now and she’s becoming aware of the bitter realities of this world, and it shocks her.

“How…why…”, she asks.

“Why are some people above the law?”

“How can someone tell blatant lies and not feel any shame?”

She tries to remind us of what we’ve taught her; about ethics, morals, and values.

And we tell her everything’s not black and white anymore. We tell her this is life and it’s not fair, that she must learn to see the world in shades of grey.

That’s the dilemma of our times!

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